Sharing 12 months' worth of growth

February 2021

It sounds like something you're born with, but could it be more nurture than nature?

January 2021

I read the FAQs and explainers so you don't have to.

December 2020

What the preference of the token over the app says about trust and governance in the age of tech
It's all about the balance between simplicity and complexity

November 2020

Why the result wasn't as close as it initially seemed
It lets you off the hook instead of taking responsibility for how you're spending time

October 2020

Coding is not essential to get a tech job, but you should learn it anyway – here's how you can do it
Broad consensus on importance of elected opposition, middle-aged swing against PAP, and CNA vs ST

September 2020

They may no such thing as stupid questions, but there are certainly smart ones
Lessons in facing rejection and surviving tough/bizarre interviews

August 2020

Know your alternative options so you are not held to ransom by your current job