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A newsletter for non-techies navigating the world of tech. I know the struggle because I’m one of you.


I spent the first decade of my career as a writer, first as a journalist and then in corporate communications. As a communications studies graduate, I fall into the arts side of the arts/science student divide in Singapore.


How should writers, photographers, designers, and others in the creative industry - who like me, are usually in the arts stream - deal with technology’s increasing impact on our lives and jobs? As a journalist turned newbie data analyst, I share my perspective not as an expert but as a fellow student figuring out the tech landscape alongside you.


It’s dangerous to be a millennial. We’re old enough to have started our working lives harbouring traditional notions of career progression, yet are nowhere old enough to simply ride out today’s technological disruption and cruise to retirement. Better then to disrupt ourselves before we’re disrupted.

If you believe, like me, that the next decade is no longer about choosing arts/science, but about being arts-science, this one’s for you.

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A journalist turned newbie data analyst's take on tech for non-techies.


Journalist turned newbie data analyst. I write about my travails as a non-STEM graduate trying to make it the the world of tech.